Sunday, April 17, 2011

April Showers?

April in Texas has been HOT!  No showers here!  We did have strong winds the other day...this was the same day severe tornadoes roared through Arkansas & Oklahoma.  Sadly, some people were killed in both states, but the storms were NOT close to my family.  Here in the great state of Texas, we've had issues with wildfires north and west of us.  I'm not sure what started them, but they've wrecked havoc on people with asthma around here.  Scott was kept inside for the past couple of days due to the horrible air quality.  (There's been smoke, ash, etc.)  When I stepped out of work on Friday walking to my car, I could feel the air burning my eyes and lungs..therefore, Scott did NOT go to the Soccer Clinic as we had planned.  :(  He's been really bummed lately.  He was playing "war ball" at scouts 2 Tuesdays ago, and he took a hard fall resulting in a hip flexor strain.  The pediatrician said it may take MONTHS for him to heal!  Needless to say, this does not make him very happy! Since he's playing goalie for his soccer team, it's almost impossible for him to kick a goal kick or be terribly aggressive when a ball is kicked toward him.  My little competitive boy is very frustrated at his decreased mobility to say the least!

Matthew, on the other hand, had been doing remarkable well.  When we go to the park, he's able to not only keep up with Scott when they run and play, but he can outrun him as well.  This has NEVER happened before!  At least not before he had his surgery.  Obviously, this means our hopes that his lung capacity would increase post surgery have been realized!  THANK GOD!  There were times right after his surgery that Jason & I both wondered if we had made a mistake by having it done.  We're very glad now that we went ahead & did it.  He is progressing in Boy Scouts as well.  We hope to be able to send him to Summer Camp with Scouts in June.  It's a little pricey, but hopefully we can swing it.

Well, I gotta go, Jason's calling for me to come "play" outside.  Hmmm....wonder what kind of work he's cooked up for me this time?