Sunday, October 2, 2011

Family Time!

This summer we went to my 20th class reunion for my high school  Cotter High School---home of the WARRIORS!!!  We were considered a big class...we had 36 kids graduate, I believe.  The picture above is of the bridge that crosses the White River at Cotter.  My parents owned a trout dock there when I was growing up.  

Jason and I left the boys with my parents when we came back.  They stayed about a week before they got homesick, so we met them at the Bass Pro Shop in Garland.  This picture is taken from the front of the store.  We had a devil of a time getting all 4 of them to smile at the same time they were looking at the camera!  Phew!  I'll say this, they adore their grandparents!  On both sides!  We're hoping to be able to see Jason's parents soon. 
We also recently found out that we will be going to get Matthew's Service Dog in February.  He and I have to be there for 2 weeks to learn how to "handle" the dog and learn how he/she works.  :-)  We are currently soliciting funds for our trip.  If anyone knows of anyone who is willing to help us, please let us know.  We estimate it'll cost between $2500-$3000 for the trip. (This includes travel, meals, and hotel.)

Who would've ever guessed that I'd be a mother of boys???  I love them to death even when they drive me crazy.  Can anyone explain how they can each be as good as gold when it's just one of them, but the minute the other shows up, the "devil" in them comes out????  Anyway, it's started to cool off here finally this year!  That means it's in the 80's instead of the 110's.  Hee hee!  This also means it is SOCCER time in the Shatterly household!  Scott mostly plays goalkeeper (goalie for those of us, including me, who don't speak soccer!) Jason is the assistant coach.  The head coach and Jason come up with all sorts of one-liners during games and practice like, "Sorry I didn't send you an email telling you to be off-sides!"  Those of us on the sidelines laugh so hard we cry at times!  
Enough rambling for now, let me know if you have any ideas on how to be a good soccer mom!