Sunday, June 3, 2012

What’s been going on around here anyway?

Mothers day present from Jason - Copy - CopyI haven’t posted very much lately.  We’ve been way too busy!  May was taken up with soccer—Scott’s team didn’t make the playoffs!  Wah!  They failed to make them by 1/2 of a goal.  Really?  half a goal!  Instead of going to the playoffs, our coach had a pool party at his house.  A good time was had by all!Soccer cookiesScott soccer swim - CopyWe also had Science Fair competitions.  Scott won 3rd place for his!  Way to go, son! His project dealt with different gauge copper wires and conducting electricity.

Scott science fair 3rd place - Copy

We had field trips as well; Scott’s class went to one of the local TV stations for a tour, then they visited the Dr. Pepper museum.  The teacher divided the class into groups of 4-6 at the end of the tour & those groups got to mix their own soft drinks.  Scott’s group mixed watermelon, strawberry and coconut---it was interesting…I was the “chaperone” for their group so I got to taste it…

Dr Pepper museum sign - Copy - CopyScott and group at tv station - CopyDr Pepper museum well - Copy - CopyScott and group at Dr Pepper museum - Copy

For Memorial Day, we took the boys, and Omri, to 6 Flags over Texas in Arlington.  The boys had an absolute BLAST!  Jason and Scott rode the roller coasters and swings.  Matthew was scared to ride them so he rode go-karts, the train and all the water rides!Scott Jason 6 flags - CopyDea and Omri pink hat - Copy - CopyOmri didn’t get to ride anything except the train, but he was a trooper!  He got LOTS of attention while Jason or IOmri 6 flags - Copy - Copy would wait with him while the boys would ride.  (Being a true Lab, he lapped it up! LOL)  He was a little sore for a few days afterward…he didn’t even want to walk to go outside to “potty”.  Poor baby!  Obviously we need to exercise more.  Today, we took them to Belton Lake & Omri chased tennis balls and swam til he couldn’t swim any more!

omri puppy - Copy - Copy(wasn’t he a cute puppy???)   He LOVES his tennis balls! Omri swim - Copy - CopyOmri tennis ball swim - Copy - Copy



What’s been going on in your neck of the woods????