Monday, November 3, 2014

Back to School!

What better place to be than Mom's lap when you're sick?

I met with the principal at Matthew's school about a week ago to see about getting Omri to go with him.  He seems to think it won't be an issue, but we have to make sure the School District/Board is up to speed before he can start attending.  The principal has worked with Service Dogs before & really appreciates them and the work they do.  I'm hopeful this will help.

Matthew has been sick with the flu.  The above is a picture of Omri & Matthew at the doctor's office while we waited on the results of his flu screen.  Unfortunately, it was positive so they've both been homebound for a few days.  (Omri has had his flu shot so he's good to go!)

Scott's trying to convince us he's old enough to drive...yeah....NOT YET, BUD!

Jason & I are doing well.  We're staying busy.  He's working as a courier, and I'm still working as a sonographer.  He bowls in a league 2-3 nights a week & throws darts twice a week.  (I'm their sub on the dart teams as my shoulder isn't completely ready to throw that often.)

We've started to get snow here in Alaska.

The temperature is anywhere from -10 to 20 degrees F right now.  It's only going to get colder!

Stay warm, we love you all!