Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I am horrible at updating what's been going on since we moved to Hawaii!  This is the first post from the Aloha State, can you believe it???  And..no pics!  I mean, come on, I live here & am being selfish not posting pics for everyone to look at!  Seriously, I rarely remember my camera & don't have a computer here so until I do, no pics.  Sorry guys! 

It is beautiful here.  However, beauty comes at a cost.  A very HIGH cost!  Grocery prices are crazy high cause everything is shipped in.  We've learned to buy our fruit & veggies at the local farmers' market.  Unlike mainland prices, fruit/veggies at the grocery stores are all priced by the pound.  Yes, lettuce, cabbage, green onions, celery...all priced by the pound..not the "each".  I told Jason the other day we weren't buying any more lettuce at the grocery store.  The last head of iceberg lettuce I bought in Texas was oh, about 85-90 cents.  Here?  It cost $3.87...yes, that's for ONE head of lettuce!  However, I can buy 6-7 papayas at the local farmers markets at a cost of 6-7 for $1.  :-)  I am LOVING me some papaya!  Mango?  not so much  I never did care for fresh pineapple from the grocery stores either, but the fresh ones here?  straight from the fields?  AWESOME!  And truly fresh bananas?  YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, as soon as we get a computer up & running, I'll put some pretty pics up.  Til then, imagine all the gorgeous pics you've seen & yep, that's what it's like only more so.