Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rain, Make-up days and Sick Scott

For the few people who read this that don’t live in Texas, here’s something newsworthy around here: WE GOT RAIN this week!  This may sound really silly, but last year we had a SEVERE drought in Texas, and we were on water restrictions for part of the year.  We’re are very appreciative and blessed by God to get this much needed moisture.  I just pray that it raises the water level to the point necessary to off-set what we had last year.  The down-side is that Jason was called off work 2 days.  Sad smile   This coming week, the forecast is about 50/50 so I’m hoping Jason gets at least 40 hours.  Unrelated to the rain, I am scheduled to work next Saturday and Sunday so I will be off 2 days during the week.  For those who follow me on Facebook, I’ve had some stressors at work lately.  I’m very bitter about some things that I don’t wish to share at this moment.  There is a Bible verse in Matthew 6 about serving 2 masters, and that’s how I’ve felt lately—that I’m trying to serve 2 masters.  (The verse is Matthew 6:24—“No man can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will hold to the one and despise the other.”)  For those who know where I work, and what’s going on, just pray for me to put my faith and hope in God to help me through this….please don’t mention it at work.  Thanks.

Omri hazard

Omri has played “golf hazard” all week for the boys as they practice their putting skills inside.  He just watches the ball go by. 

(I’m really surprised he hasn’t tried to “retrieve” the ball for them yet.  HA!)


Due to missed days from going to get Omri, being sick, etc. the boys are required to make-up any days they’ve missed over 10 days.  Therefore, they have to make-up this time. 

HOW?   The options are:

1. They can make them up by staying a little later after school.

2. They can go to summer school. (Matthew booed this one!)

3. They can go to Saturday school.

If they do not make up these days, they will be failed due to lack of time in grade regardless of how they do on their work.  Jason and I met with both of their teachers on Friday afternoon to figure out a solution to this issue.  They will stay a little later on my days off, and they will attend the “Pak-a-thons” the school has.  We will re-evaluate in about a month to see where we stand. 




Finally, Scott has been sick for almost a week.  I took him to the doctor after he threw up & was up all night being sick.  He has a chest infection compounded by cough, sneeze, allergies, etc.  It is that time of year unfortunately.    He comes by it honestly…Jason & I both have horrible allergies, and Scott gets 2 allergy shots a week.  He is allergic to EVERYTHING except dogs, horses, oak trees and maple trees.  Hmmmmm…Jason & I joked that we need to live in a bubble to keep him well.  Add to this he LOVES soccer.  HIs asthma does flare up when he plays—his coach has been very accommodating – Scott plays goalie.  He is one of the smallest ones on his team, but he is also the quickest. I think that works in his favor.

This upcoming week is Spring Break here.  We’re not doing anything exciting….are you?