Saturday, February 4, 2012

1 week to go!

In exactly one week, Matthew & I will be headed to Ohio to get his Service Dog & learn how to handle him/her.  We still don't know the breed or name, but Matt's getting excited.  His "Smart Dog" is going to be one spoiled, loved working dog!  Jason said Matthew was up nearly all night last night with night terrors.  I REALLY hope his SD helps!  sleep deprivation is no fun for any of us.  I think Scott's the only one who is able to sleep through them.  (Maybe it's because Matt's always had em...not sure....)  Matthew is SO hyper today!  I don't know if Jason & I'll survive the weekend!

The temperature difference between here & OH is bound to be a shock to our systems.  Yesterday it was 75 degrees here.  Today it's a little the mid 50's.  Scott's allergies have attacked him BIG time today...either that or he has a cold.  Either way, please keep him in your thoughts & prayers.  I just gave him a Benadryl so I'm hoping that'll help.

Our neighbors adopted the cutest little dog from the pound!  He's a rat terrier just like Mojo!  Mojo is our rat terrier who went to live with his Nana Shatterly in Georgia when we moved to Texas.  Mojo, along with Sugar, the cat, have adapted fairly well to the Georgia humidity.  Nana, Jason's mom, says they are 2 spoiled animals! Aren't they supposed to be???

Anyway, Jason & I have a silent prayer request.  I don't want to go into details, but we covet your prayers about some things going on.  Thanks,