Monday, September 5, 2011

Randomness on Labor Day!

Well, it's FINALLY started to cool off here in Central Texas!  (At least temporarily!)  After who knows how many 100+ degrees days, today is supposed to be in the mid  90's.  YIPPEE!!!  Please continue to pray for rain for us here as there are several fires burning out of control all around us.

On a happier, much happier, note, Matthew will be receiving his Service Dog in the Spring of 2012!!!  Happy Dance!!!  If you or anyone you know is willing to donate money for our trip to Ohio, please let me know either by posting a comment on here or by emailing me at  We will be there for 2 weeks learning how to handle the dog and Matt at the same time therefore, we'll need travel money for hotel, gas, food, etc.

The boys started school a couple of weeks ago & they really seem to like it.  We put them in a free public Charter School.  It's VERY different from anything Jason or I have experienced.  They work independently at their own pace through the work required for their grade level.  When they finish that grade level, they take a test to make sure they understand it, then they go ahead & start on the next grade level for that subject.  It's kind of interesting to watch them struggle through their work & then BAM!  the light comes on and they're off and running with it.  

Hope everyone has a safe and cool FALL!


P.S.  I'll try to post pics next time.  I haven't taken any lately.