Monday, December 13, 2010

Home at Last!

Matthew was discharged on Saturday.  We made it home around 2:30 in the afternoon & I took a nap.  Matthew was in a tremendous amount of pain Saturday night, and he didn't want to take his pain medicine.  So....Scott, Jason and I were up with him for nearly 5 hours Sat night/Sun morning.  I finally convinced him to take it around 4 a.m.  Sunday after he woke up, I talked to him about his pain meds & he understood that we were trying to keep him from hurting, and he's been very compliant since about taking them.  Sunday evening was MUCH better.  He laid down with me in my bed & slept ALL night!  (no pain, no screams, no whimpers!)

So far this morning, he slept til 6:30, got up for 15 minutes, took his meds, went back to sleep & got up again around 10.  He has eaten breakfast, and now he is sitting in our living room watching "Night at the Museum".  I think his favorite part is when the monkey (Dexter) steals Larry's keys.  Tomorrow, he has an appointment with his surgeon, Dr. Custer.  I personally think he's awesome!  He really has a way with kids that a lot of doctors don't.  Matthew just loves him.  Also tomorrow, Matthew and Jason will take a trip to school to pick up his work and maybe talk to some of his teachers at lunch time.

Incidentally, my parents came down, and I don't know what we would've done without them here to help.  Mom & Dad would stay with Matthew during the day so I could work at night & Jason could stay with Matt in his hospital room.  My sister, Cindy, and her husband, Tim also came by & checked on Matt nearly every day.  They really lifted his spirits.


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Jacquie said...

I just got caught up on what's going on with Matthew. SO glad he is doing better. You're blessed with a great support system!