Monday, January 10, 2011


This post will be short today mainly because I'm cold and not up to typing much!

Well, apparently, our little part of Texas is the only part of the country that didn't get snow over the weekend.  The boys were bummed!  ON a happy note, though, last Thursday, Jason had to take Matthew to the doctor because we thought he had pneumonia.  He didn't; THANK GOD!  She put him on a Z-Pack and some steroids just to be cautious and because she could tell that he DID have bronchitis.  Since it had only been a month since his surgery, his pediatrician is being more cautious than usual I think.  I'm okay with that!  Apparently most kids that have the type of surgery Matthew had are 15-16 years old instead of 12 so all the doctors are curious to see how he does.  :-)

I do solicit prayer for my dad, however.  As most of you know, Dad has had trouble with is heart for over 30 years now.  Today, he called my brother to take him to the doctor because he'd stopped breathing momentarily.  For now, they have him in the hospital back home trying to take off some of the fluid that has accumulated around his heart due to his Congestive Heart Failure.  Hopefully he'll be home tomorrow.  I'm worried about him 'cause of course I'm a Daddy's girl...even though I'm nearly 38!

Anyway, hope everyone stays warm and toasty!


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