Saturday, March 19, 2011

March 19

It's been an eventful month around here.  Matthew has gotten his complete clearance from his surgeon so he's healed completely and able to fully participate in whatever he wants.  This means he can enjoy going to Boy Scouts again...they play "war ball" after every meeting.  It's like dodge ball, but after a certain length of time, they can go back in.  He also received his Pathfinder Merit Badge.

This past Monday, we woke up to Matthew SCREAMING like someone was killing him!  He was in severe pain in his right lower abdomen.  We were worried about his appendix so we rushed him to the ER.  It wasn't, thank God, and he is back to normal now.

Scott has started his Spring Soccer Season.  He is playing goalie for his team.  They have only played one game so far, but he did really well.  The only time the other team scored was when Scott was playing a different position.  Scott also received the "game" ball from the coach for being the MVP for his team.
Jason is still looking for gainful employment.  We ask for prayers for him as he is starting to get down on himself for not having a job.  He is supervising Matthew's homeschooling so that keeps him occupied during the day.
I passed my registry I was worried about.  YEA!  I now have 2 registries under my belt.  I'd like to take the Vascular Registry and Neuro Registry too.  The hospital I work at gave me a small raise for passing it so that is definitely something to celebrate.  :-)


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