Monday, March 26, 2012

Omri's letter to 4 Paws and the Pink Girlz and Yoda

Dear Pink Girlz and Yoda,

My boy and his family took me on a new adventure today. We went for a ride in
that big red thing they call a truck to a place that had the most water I've
EVER seen! They called it Lake Belton. When we got out of the truck, my boy
headed straight for the water. Wait! Why would a boy willingly go towards that
much water? I mean, hey, a bath is bad enough, why go into any water?
The adult human my boy calls "Dad" had one of those fuzzy yellow balls they call
tennis balls. He threw it into this thing they called a "lake". I couldn't
help myself! I flew into that wet stuff! I HAD to retrieve that ball! It was
MINE! When I got to it, I had a hard time getting it into my was all
wet. When I turned around with the ball, my new family was yelling, "Atta boy,
Omri! Good job!" I don't know what they were so excited about, but apparently
I did something they really liked. When I got back to them, they told me to
"Drop it" and then they threw it into the water again! I was in HEAVEN! This
is such an AWESOME game! Why didn't ya'll tell me about this fun game? We need
to tell all the labs at 4 Paws about this! (Maybe the Golden Retrievers, too
although I wonder how long it would take all that hair to dry?) I don't know if
you Paps can carry a tennis ball and swim, but if you can, you definitely need
to try this!

Give hugs and doggie kisses to Mama Karen, Jeremy, Alicia, Jessa, Jenn, Jennifer
and the rest of the gang!

Omri (AKA The water dog!)

P.S.  I also went to Scott's soccer game with Matthew on Saturday.  It's almost a dog's version of heaven!  A bunch of kids playing with balls???  Seriously guys, who knew all this fun took place outside 4 Paws???

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