Sunday, June 24, 2012

What the heck is that thing anyway?

First of all, I gotta ask, What the heck IS this thing?photoA friend of mine’s son is stationed at Ft. Hood & he sent me this picture of a critter he found in his shower stall.  The consensus on Facebook was that it was some kind of creature from the cricket family.

Of course, we’ve gotta have some Omri pics, right?

382438_10150871294761032_62462686_n[1]538165_10150888354206032_1052309027_n[1]229893_10150888359041032_439519512_n[1]487089_10150889319391032_1680770881_n[1]196051_10150899855901032_1764942994_n[1]This 577719_10150899863791032_926019138_n[1]is after he recuperated from burning the pads on his paws at 6 Flags.Unfortunately, once he healed, we took him swimming at Lake Belton and now he has an ear infection.  This is him at the vet’s office getting checked out.  552895_10150915673076032_814924696_n[1]This is him getting his ears cleaned by Jason and me533032_10150896152926032_1486789164_n[1]Let’s just say he was NOT impressed with ear cleaning.  LOL  Jason and Scott had to hold him still yesterday while I put his antibiotics in his ear.  If a dog can give you a Go to Heck look, he gave me one when we got done.  Smile

Jason and the guys at work have become the “adoptive” parents to a litter of kittens.  401788_10150913809276032_1756807072_n[1]These are the 2 girls from the litter.  They’re lying on the top step of one of the cement trucks.  Someone dumped them off a couple of months ago.  When they were first dropped off, Jason wasn’t sure if they’d make it at all—they were THAT little.  Now, I’m not a cat person AT ALL, but there is NOT reason for someone to do that to a litter so small they may not survive!  If Scott wasn’t allergic to them, we’d bring one of them home.

Right now, Matthew and Omri are visiting one of the families we went through training at 4 Paws with, but this picture is the Friday we picked Matthew up from Boy Scout Camp.  Omri didn’t get to go cause we haven’t trained any of the Scout Leaders as handlers.  I think they were happy to see each other, don’t you?


I will end with a picture of my handsome, man!  He HATES having his picture taken so this is about as good as it gets for him.532836_10150907301196032_1665081705_n[1] 


Oh, I almost forgot to tell you my most exciting news!  If all goes well, I will be starting a new job in August.  Here’s a picture of where we’ll be going:Can you tell? No?  How about this one:  Still no?  Okay, here’s a map from googlemaps:   (In full disclosure, all these images came from googling Hawaii.)  I’m hoping to get some similar once we get there. 


Now for my final question, Who will come see us?????

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