Thursday, July 25, 2013

Oh, The Things You Hear!

   I had initially planned on having this post be about this past year of our lives in the Pacific.  However, after a conversation, make that 2, 3, 4, 50, that I've had at work (and out in public) lately, I changed my mind.  As a healthcare worker, I get asked a lot of questions: What is this for? How long have you been doing ultrasound? When did ultrasound mean more than babies? Why couldn't I eat before my test?  Why couldn't I use the bathroom before my test?, etc.    Those are normal questions that I expect to hear and answer.

The following are questions I've had directed at me in the last week or so:
1. How do you feel about the law in some states where you have to have an ultrasound before an abortion, they shouldn't have that right to tell ME what to do?

2. Don't you think Congress is doing a great job?

3. Don't you think we need to get rid of this Congress?

4. I think all guns should be banned, don't you?

5. Why do people even go to church? There is no God.

Yes, these are real questions and comments from people I've encountered.  (These are just the ones I can post here!)  My usual answer is: I'm not going to discuss that at this time. (This is the one I use while I'm at work.)  If someone persists, I'll just get really quiet & not say anything.

For the record, if anyone is interested, here are my answers:

1.  Personally, I like this law.  I am a born again Christian & believe life begins at conception.  There is a reason for EVERY pregnancy.  I don't always understand what that reason is, but I put my faith in God, not man.  However, I also feel that it isn't my place to force my beliefs on you., nor judge you.  That's between you & God.  Professionally, it doesn't make a difference to me or not, and I will take care of you to best of my ability no matter if we disagree vehemently or agree wholeheartedly.
2 & 3. I have no opinion about the current Congress.  I'm not a politically minded person & really don't keep track of what they're doing.  I do feel that if you're going to represent us, you need to keep in touch with what we, your constituents, really want.
4. No, I do not believe all guns should be banned.  I think we need more research into countries that have taken away their citizens guns before we do that HERE. 
5. God is real, and I go to church to worship Him and remember that without HIM I am nothing.  I can go to God anytime any place and know He is listening and cares.

For someone who was born, raised & has lived most of her life in the Bible Belt, these questions and a liberal atmosphere like we have here in Hawaii are quite shocking at times.  For those of you who have known me my whole life, you're probably wondering ... does Dea really keep her mouth shut?  I'll leave that for you to ponder & maybe one day, when I'm not working, we'll discuss is.  :)


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