Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Arctic Arkansas!

Can I just say for the record that I DO NOT LIKE WINTER! I DON'T LIKE BEING COLD! That's why I live in Arkansas & not Montana or Canada! Seriously! It's been like in the 20's for a week! And tonight, it's supposed to be in the single digits! WITHOUT A WIND CHILL! With the wind chill, it's supposed to be like -20!!! WHAT??? When I was in Alaska, I expected that, not here! We've been letting the dog come in and sleep in the laundry room at night. Last night, we put the cat in there with him. Jason said for about 30 minutes, he kept seeing her "arm" and paw come under the door trying to get it opened. Apparently, she didn't like her roomie! HA!

We went to Georgia 2 days after Christmas to visit Jason's family. For those of you who don't know, he grew up in central Georgia around 30 minutes outside of Macon. It's a lot like here in Arkansas except instead of rocks everywhere, they have red clay everywhere. AND I DO MEAN EVERYWHERE! We got to visit his parents, his brother and nephew, a couple of his aunts & uncles, and his cousins. We even brought his youngest brother, John, home with us to help us with the boys. (I decided against working in Memphis, but John's here to help us in case I DO get meaningful employment!) I LOVE visiting his family! They have accepted me like I'm one of you know how hard that is to find in in-laws??? The boys had an absolute blast! A couple of Jason's cousins have kids around the same age so they played like they'd known each other FOREVER! Isn't that fun???!!!

For those who are wondering, I didn't take the job in Memphis cause it was gonna end up costing as much if not more than where we are now! And with us still paying a house payment here, it just didn't make sense! So I'm back to looking. :-)

Love Always,


P.S. Leave me a comment telling me about what you did over Christmas! Did you work, play or sleep????

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