Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winter Ramblings

First off, I want to say, I have no pictures!

My camera is doing something REALLY weird! It'll take the pictures, but one side is really washed out...almost like the flash isn't working correctly except I'M NOT USING THE FLASH!

I wanted to show you the new winter coat I found for Matthew the other day! It is fleece-lined and according to him...really really warm! I found it at our local Tractor Supply Store for $38! Who knew TSS carries kids' coats??? I didn't! LOL

Yesterday, at his Christmas party at school, Scott & one of his buddies were playing and he hit is forehead on the corner of a wooden bookcase! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?? He has a giant goose-egg right smack in the middle of his forehead...and it has a slight cut as well. He told me last night before he went to bed..."Moma, my head doesn't feel so good." Ya think? I took him to see the doc & no concussion or skull fractures, but he was wheezing. Hmmmm...I took him in for his head & they check his lungs? Anyway, we're gonna try some preventative inhalers & see if that helps his asthma. Jason wants to get him tested for allergies since most asthma is caused by allergies. What do you think? Should I get him allergy tested?

Now on to the exciting news! I got a job! It's located in Memphis, TN so we'll have to move, but I just feel a REAL peace about the whole thing. I do covet your prayers, though. See, I'll be moving to Memphis in the next couple of weeks while Jason and the boys stay here until school's out for the summer so it's gonna be interesting! At least it's close enough that I can go back & forth on the weekends & watch Scott play Upward Basketball. Do you have it at your church? If not, see if your pastor would be willing to look into it. It not only teaches basketball, but it also is a wonderful outreach ministry! We have kids from all over come to learn basketball! While they're practicing, the coaches have devotions and talk about God's love for them and what Jesus did for them by dying on the Cross. Then, during the games, at each half-time, there's either a testimony or a devotion for the parents and grandparents. So in actuality, we're reaching the WHOLE family! Isn't that great?

Onto Matt's service dog. We have an on-going fundraiser on-line. We receive 50% of every sale to go toward his dog. :) Go to: If you get anything, when you check out, pick Arkansas for the state and then you will have to pick the organization you want to help. Ours is called "4 paws for ability in honor of matthew shatterly".

Until Next Time, Merry CHRISTmas!

Love & Hugs to all!

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