Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 7

I'm BAAAAAAAAAAACCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Did anyone miss me?  Today's post may seem like I'm rambling...I am...

This morning, we worked on distractions with the dogs in sit, down, etc.  There were kids running all over the place yelling, toys being thrown, balls being bounced, puppies being puppies, etc.  Mostly the dogs all did very well.  You can tell we've been working with them at the hotels.  :-)  The most funny thing was when Jeremy brought out a plate of lasagna & put it down on the floor in front of each dog.

If only we could all relax this well, huh?

A week ago, I would have never believed that all the dogs would do this 
for us without us holding their leashed & making them stay in a "down".

Peg had to leave to go back to Alaska, but we did get a few more minutes with her.

This afternoon, we worked on silent commands for sit, heel, down, etc. by pointing or other hand gestures.  Some of the dogs worked on lights on/off; picking things up, balance work, etc.  It's pretty impressive to watch the other dogs perform their work!  We're starting to loosen up a little with our classmates & tease or pick on each other a whole lot more.  We've kinda adopted each others' kids & watch out for them like we do our own.  :-)  

After class ended, Matthew, Omri & I went back to the hotel and got our dirty clothes.  We went to the laundromat close by the hotel & Omri got TONS of attention there.  All the little kids wanted to pet him & love on him.  From there, we went straight to the movies in Beavercreek.  We saw Journey 2 Mysterious Island in 3D.  It was a STUPENDOUS movie.  I give it 2 thumbs wayyyyyyyy  up!  Omri did really well.  When the movie was just getting started, after he laid down, he growled really deep in his throat & barked!  A real bark!  It really astounded me because he doesn't bark at ALL!  After I told him no, he basically went to sleep.  When we got back to the hotel, this is where I found him about 15 minutes later:

Apparently he is as tired as I am!  If only we could get Matthew to be tired, too!  These are pics from last night after I posted.  I just thought they were cute so here ya go!

Oh, the poor, long-suffering Service Dog!


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