Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 9

It’s the Final Countdown!  T-minus 40 hours and counting! 
We have our Public Access Test on Friday morning.  In a way, I feel really ready for it, and in a way, I feel like saying YIKES!  Jeremy and Jennifer went over what the test consists of today, and it’s all stuff we’ve been learning the past week, but it is a little intimidating.  What if Omri has an accident in the middle of the mall?  What if he takes off at the first little kid he sees?  I think we’re ready, but I still have my insecurities.
Omri was as tired as I was last night.  As Matt walked past Omri last night, he told the dog,” I’ll be back, Omri, it’s okay.”  Smile    A little later, Matthew told Omri, “I love you, Omri.”  It absolutely brought tears to my eyes!  Matthew will tell Jason or me that he loves us, but it’s never as spontaneous & unsolicited as that was. 
Today during training, we just basically reinforced everything as far as obedience went.  We also worked on some heavy, duty distractions.  We walked around each other’s dogs, talking to them, correcting them, trying to get them to break their “down” or sit or whatever they were supposed to be in.  We did lap, over, high five, gimme five, shake, sit, down, roll over, play dead, touch etc.  Jeremy also gave each of us a handout that has all the commands on it so we can take it home to teach others the commands & hand signals that go with them.  This afternoon, we did more of that and we did some work off leash as well.  It’s fun to watch their ears perk up when they realized they weren’t “on leash”.  For the most part, they did pretty well.  Omri wanted to get to Matt, who had gone outside to play so that was a major distraction.  I didn’t take many pictures today as my back was spasming & I just didn’t feel very well.
Have I mentioned that Omri is a Razorbacks fan?  Here he is in an Arkansas Razorbacks t-shirt.  He didn’t care for the
baseball cap much, but he tolerated the t-shirt.  He’s such a good-natured dog. Smile  I’d better go for now, Omri looks like he’s about to float away so I’d better take him out to potty.

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