Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Over it

I am SOOO over it!  Over what you ask?  Over IT!  You know, IT!  Life as a special needs parent, life as a working mom, life as a wife, life in general!  Most days, I go along just fine humming the song from “Finding Nemo” that Dory sings…you know….”just keep swimming, swim, swim, swim.” However, today is NOT one of those days.  I am FED up with everything.  I don’t even want to think about cleaning my house, cooking supper or helping with homework.  I just want to sit & do nothing but vent to you, my friend(s ).  I am done…stick a fork in me…done!  Not medium rare or medium well done either…I’m talking 100% Well done…like Beef Jerky!  Maybe I need a vacation or a margarita or two or twenty?  Who knows?  There’s not any one thing that has set me off either.  I have resigned myself to the fact that one or both of the boys will have to attend summer school this year.  Wah!  I have also resigned myself to the fact that my husband, who I love to distraction, will not help me with the laundry or housekeeping unless I have a meltdown.  Omri is the only one who does what he’s told.  Thank God for the wonderful trainers at 4 Paws !!! 

PLEASE stop taking my picture!Jason and I saw this sign at McDonald’s while waiting to go through the drive-thru & thought it was funny.  How are you supposed to rent them anyway?  Are you supposed to have someone with really long arms try to pick your movies while you drive slowly by REDBOX?  LOL

Jason and I did have a little bit of fun, though.  We came into possession of 2 tickets to the Alan Jackson concert Friday night.  It was a SOLD OUT concert.  (Like no one would’ve guessed that, right?)  Anyway, we had a “good time” like it was “5 o’clock somewhere”.Sorry about the image quality, but I was using my phone’s camera…not bad all things considered I think.

Even though I am, by my own admission, over it all, I know someone who is always there & isn’t “over it all”.  Do you know this Special Friend I have?  Do you know who I’m talking about?  Jesus is the only one I can turn to in times like these & know He really cares & loves me in spite of myself!  My genuine hope for anyone reading this is that you will come to realize that even though we get down, depressed & just in a “funk” sometimes—that doesn’t mean Jesus isn’t right there beside us cheering us on.  We have decided to send Scott to Preteen Church Camp this summer.  Join us in prayer that he will develop a closer relationship with Jesus & that he will, hopefully come to know Him as his Savior.  After all, isn’t that more important than being “over it all”???


Here’s praying my attitude gets better!




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Kristen said...

Your attitude and mine. I'm probably going to Rick off 1/2 my readers tomorrow. Yay! Cause I'm over it too.