Sunday, May 6, 2012

Child with Autism Seeks Mom Who Isn't Crazy...LOL

While reading the Caffeinated Autism Mom's blog, , it occurred to me that while as a mom of a child with autism may think their child is odd or indeed crazy at times, they probably think the same thing about us as parents.  What other parents go absolutely insane when someone in public insults their child thinking we can't hear them?  Or that we don't see the same things they do when our child "acts up" or "throws a fit"?  If you have children at all, you understand how stressed and, yes, embarrassed any parent gets when a tantrum is thrown in public or when they run off & you can't find them.  Now, imagine this happening every time you go out in public, or experience something new, or when you go to church and something unexpected happens.  This is what our lives are like ALL the time.
In our instance, Matthew will willingly go to Scott's soccer games because he likes being outside.  That being said, it is extremely difficult to "control" him at these games if Omri isn't there.  Our local soccer complex will ask us to leave if we have Omri with us.  I'm not quite sure how to go about fighting this attitude even though I know we have the ADA on our sides.  It's not like we have an attorney on retainer that we can call & ask them to "go to bat" for us.  (or would that be Go to goal since it's soccer?)  Anyway, imagine the dirty looks you would get if your child were to run off screaming from you.  People instantly believe you are beating them or worse...there is no help except from the people you know & they ARE willing to help.  We consider them our angels.  Thankfully, all of our soccer parents this season have fallen into that category.  If Matthew disappears, they'll notice before we do & ask if we know where he's going or why.  If we don't, one will help us try to find him.
Anyway, if you read my blog at all, you know how we live, and there's no reason to beat a dead horse to death, but I do think you'll enjoy reading the above link.


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