Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 2

Today, I realized just how "dog dumb" I am.  I have never walked a dog in my life.  I've been walked a few times, but I've never been walked.  :)  Today, we learned how to walk with our service dogs in "heel".  It's like I'm walking a whole new dog, now!  There are still a few minor problems that are mine, not Omri's.  He's like a rock.  He's just trying to figure out what I want him to do.  The different accents/pronunciations are confusing to him according to Jeremy.  We also worked on getting the dogs to stay in a sit or down without saying "stay".

This afternoon, we reinforced earlier commands & also learned their "tricks" like high five, gimme five, shake, etc.  Omri was in "lap" with Matthew during training, too.  That's where he lays on Matthew giving him that DEEP Pressure sensation that Matthew likes.  Matt just grinned when he did that.It's really cool to see the calming that occurs when Omri does that.  It's like Matthew's anxiety levels drop instantaneously.  

Before we left today, we learned "jump" and "off" so the dogs could get in & out of the vehicles and on/off furniture, stuff like that.  Right now, Matthew and Omri are lying on the other bed relaxing.  It's so nice to see.
Til tomorrow, stay warm & love your kids and dogs.


Yes, Matthew has his feet on Omri's back...  :)


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Anonymous said...

Omri is beautiful! It's nice to follow another family through the training since we were in the Oct. 2011 class. Labs are the best. ;-)