Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 3

Whew!  Talk about a LOT to take in!  We continued to work on basic obedience skills like sit, down, heel, come, etc.  We also reinforced "tricks" like shake, high five, gimme 5, etc.  The seizure alert dogs worked on "bark" on command.  Omri can do it, also, but there's really no reason for him to do it when he's working so it's just a fun thing for now.  Something funny happened during training today, though.  Jeremy had us working on "come".  Omri was doing really well by staying in his "place" and just watching as I walked away.  As long as he could see me, he stayed where he was..alert, but not moving.  When Jeremy had another mom and I walk out of sight, Omri came running...looking for me.  He was SOOOO excited when he found me.  Of course we had to redirect him and do it a couple more times til he stayed til I came back & released him, but the look on Omri's face when I reappeared was so cute, funny, heart-melting, etc. all at the same time.  He is such a sweetheart.

Matthew enjoyed his "game time" on today.

During Matt's meltdown...Omri's like a HUGE teddy bear for him...lots of comfort!

When we got back to the hotel, we put Omri in his kennel while we "reconned" the mall where we'll go tomorrow to make sure I could find it.  After walking around the mall, we went to PetSmart to get Omri a new ball that he can't take apart, I hope!   We got back to the hotel & I took Omri out for a potty break.  He heeled a lot better tonight.  He and I went back to the room, and he went straight to Matthew & laid at his feet til Matt got up.  We did have a mini-meltdown with Matthew when I told him it was time to stop playing video games on the computer & start winding down.  Omri was on the bed resting & Matthew was crying and sassing me...he was about to get upset!  Matthew instead laid down on the bed next to Omri, buried his head in Omri's fur & cried there.  Omri just let Matt squeeze him and love on him til he calmed down.  Matt had all of his weight on Omri & Omri just laid there until all was well again.  THIS WAS SOOO WONDERFUL!  Omri got lots of treats and loving from me when this was over.  He is currently resting on the bed while Matthew watches the Golf Channel.  (What can I say?  He's a guy, right?  a small one, but still!)

Tomorrow, we go to the mall for our first public outing.  I'm a little nervous because I still don't feel confident with "heeling", but that's why we're going, right?


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Anonymous said...

Hi Dea,

My name is Tamara, mom to 5 year old Alex, severe autism, non-verbal, and he also has pica. We just finished fundraising and are impatiently waiting to find out when our class dates are.

I just wanted to say thank you for posting your daily happenings at training! I have been so curious about what we will be doing every day!

I'm so glad that Matthew has already learned to turn to Omri for comfort! That is AWESOME! That makes it all worth while. :-)

Keep up the posts...I will be reading them hungrily! LOL

~God Bless!~

Tamara Wood