Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 5

This is Matt & Omri just before Omri fell off the bed.  He looked so startled when he fell off, I couldn't help but laugh when I saw he was Okay.
Today was nice!  It was a little cool outside but sunny.  This morning, we went around the room, like every morning, and Jeremy addressed questions, issues, etc. we may be having with the dogs at night and how to handle them.  We've been having a problem getting Omri to jump up into Mom's truck so today at lunch, Jeremy went outside with us & showed me what I was doing wrong.  Ever since then, Omri's jumped up into the truck like a pro.  I just hope it continues to work as well in the days to come!

Mom, I lost my ball....
There's my ball!

Jeremy & his German Shepherd 

Matthew & Omri in "place"
One of the other kids' sisters drew this.  I like it.

This is Omri under the table at supper.

This is my self-portrait...I know I look pasty & pale...We woke up late & I didn't put on any makeup or fix my hair.

I think Omri was less than impressed with our supper!

Poor Omri!  He was SO tired after supper & Barnes & Noble!

I think Omri is picking out his favorite one to "steal" when Matthew isn't looking, how about you?

I'm thinking Omri kinda liked having a roommate, don't you???
I'm still not entirely sure what possessed Matthew to get inside Omri's kennel, but they seem to be bonding okay.
2 boys in 1 kennel...hmmmmmmmm
After we went around the room asking questions, Jeremy introduced the class to some things like having the dogs do balance work, hit the silver Handicapped open door button, etc.  Next, we had a brief introduction to tethering.  This is going to be my lifesaver!  He demonstrated with Omri & Omri just stayed focused on Jeremy & then me.  He did SO good!  He stayed in a "down" and would just occasionally look at whomever was being tethered.  (This is the appropriate response.)
This afternoon, we went over problems at lunch, how to groom the dogs (Omri is pretty low-maintenance, but we're in a class that every other dog is a Golden Retriever.), how to pick the correct brushes, nail clippers, how to brush, how to bathe, what shampoo to use, etc.  We also went over the proper treats, toys,etc.  For those who haven't gotten their dogs yet, rawhides are NOT appropriate.  Jeremy will tell you why when you get here.  Omri is a strong chewer so we have to get him heavy duty chewing toys.  Jeremy recommends Kong and Nylabone. 
ON a side note, please pray for one of the other moms in our class.  She is really having a hard time with getting her toddlers to understand the service dog isn't for them & is feeling really guilty.


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